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    Sutherland + Google Cloud

    Together, we help companies rapidly respond to evolving market needs, elevate customer experience, and generate new business value in the cloud.

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    Cloud Migrations

    We help you take stock of what needs to be moved and how to prioritize the transfers so your business doesn’t have to slow down.

    Contact Center Artificial Intelligence

    We bring 30+ years of deep domain expertise with Google AI to create solutions that transform and personalize your contact center operations.


    We make sense of clinical and financial data by helping you ingest, store and analyze your data to produce actionable insights.

    Cloud Consulting

    We meet you where you are on your cloud journey, guiding you on the strategies that work for your business and your customers.

    Discover the Google Cloud + Sutherland Difference

    5 Ways Technology Improves Patient Experience in Healthcare

    Drastically improve patient satisfaction in healthcare by using technology to enable patient-centered care.

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    Sutherland and Google Cloud Enable Best of Breed Customer Experiences

    Learn how Sutherland and Google Cloud are partnering to transform experiences for customers in the cloud.

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    Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Rapidly Respond to Changing Market Conditions

    Modernize your infrastructure with agility and speed and migrate to the cloud with confidence.

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    Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Elevate Customer Experiences

    Bring big data and analytics to Google Cloud and revitalize your approach to customer experience.

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    “Sutherland has the really unique breadth of enterprise-focused, nimble DevOps, Cloud native approach to business that is right in our sweet spot. We’re super excited about what we can do with Sutherland.”

    - Zoltan Szabadi
    Head of Partner Support Programs, Google Cloud

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    ESPN Customer Success Story

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    Sutherland Engage

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    Marketing Mix Optimizer

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    Customer Retention Analytics

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    Sutherland HealthConnect

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